Com-plete-ly: adverb - totally; utterly | Ca-na-di-an: noun & adjective - Canada

Upcoming Events

65th Great Canadian Picnic - February 4th, 2017

For over 65 years, Canadians, American's, European's, and others from all over the World have decended on South Mountain for a one day picnic! Originally started as just a way for Canadian friends to meet and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Arizona, this Great Canadian Picnic has become a hearty tradition in Phoenix! The event is FREE to the public and is good for all ages! Come hear great Country dance music, learn to curl, play hockey, even try your hand at the snowboot relay race!

Whatever your pleasure, you and your family will have a great time at the GREAT CANADIAN PICNIC FEBRUARY 4th, 2017!!

Follow this link to the GREAT CANADIAN PICNIC website for more details of the event! See you there!



Yet another Arizona tradition...come play in, or watch, the KEATSCONNELLY CANADA WEEK BONSPIEL February 2nd-4th, in Tempe, Arizona! While the theme and the party will have a definate Canadian feel to it, this bonspiel is open to any curler who wants to play in it!! Registration for this event is available now and fills up quickly! Get your team together and reserve your spot today!! Visit for more information on this event or email Darryl Horsman at! HURRY!!!